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  • Gender & HIV

    Gender & HIV

    More women are infected than men, some of the factors that contribute to this is: Economic status, Anatomy, and Culture (including religion) 82 people have received training related to HIV and gender mainstreaming.

  • Voluntary Councelling & Testing (VCT) - New Start

    Voluntary Counselling & Testing (VCT) - New Start

    Reports states that only 21% of the people in South Africa know their HIV status and that the other might be re-infecting themselves unknowingly. We are providing a mobile facility for VCT.

    The whole voluntary counselling and testing process takes about 45 minutes where you will be counselled by one of our professional counsellors, then be pricked by our lab technologist to determine your HIV status. You will then be counselled before you recieve your HIV results. Should you test positive you will be referred for further assistance. Should you test negative you will be encouranged to take another test in 3 months and be advised to remain HIV negative.

  • Siyafundisa


    This is a youth focused HIV prevention programme that train youth as peer educators so as to influence their peers. 3 age categories,10-14,15-18,19-23, and it focuses on abstinence, faithfullness and monogamous relationships, and delaying of sexual debut.

    20 Supervisors have been trained to oversee 98 trained peer educators. This is running in 10 Parish communities. The peer educators influence their peers through group discussions and creative entertainment based exercises. Furthermore 75 (16 supervisors and 59 peer-educators) have been trained in Monitoring and Evaluation.

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