Our Focus Areas

  • Elderly Care & Support

    Elderly Care & Support

    We provide support to the elderly groups and help coordinate them. There are 4 groups of the elderly that we provided with blankets, clothes and food and continue to support: Re ka kgona, Badiri, Boikhutsong and Mamoagi, all in total are 99.

  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC)

    Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC)

    With 1.57 Mil. OVC's in South Africa and only 67% receive external assistance. Half a milling are left n the margins. In the Diocese, 317 OVC’s have been profiled and 71 receive no aid. We are packaging a programme so it can make an impact at social, psychological and physical well being of the children. There are 250 more in Bethanie and 34 in the Farms of Haartebeespoortdam. In Total 617 children are receiving aid and support in the form of after school homework and meals, household chores relief, food parcels and education.

  • Relief Provision (Food Parcels and clothes)

    Relief Provision (Food Parcels and clothes)

    This is aimed at providing relief through food parcels, clothes and blankets. Last year we have distributed over 2000 food parcels and provided other means of aid for the displaced foreign nationals.
    15 Tswelopele disabled are receiving blankets and food. 16 school going children and further 151 families a month receiving food parcels, and received a total of 879 food parcels. Kungwini farm crèche benefitted clothes and food, having 150 children and a further 178 children from Boschkop Primary School received school uniform and canned food. We have also provided to the displaced foreign nationals based at the Central Methodist Church in Johannesburg. A Total of 1361 have received food from us.

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