Our Focus Areas

Capacity Building

  • Gender & HIV

    Agricultural Projects

    Use land to ensure that people can benefit both money and food from the produce. We use training providers and institute for Marketing to help us with markets.

    We have the following projects running:

    Project  Number of beneficiaries- active participants
    Segwaelane  8
    Bethanie  15
    Makaunyane  29
    Motsewe-Rietvlei  30
    Seruti-Thekwane  11
    Thusa Batsofe  10
    Sunshine Hospice  Vary- hospice patients- ( 8average)
    Total  103 beneficiaries

  • Voluntary Councelling & Testing (VCT) - New Start

    Income generation projects

    We have several of these, ranging from beadwork, sewing, candle making, leatherworks and pottery.

    Project  Beneficiaries
    Themba-pottery  5
    Maubane- Sewing,leatherworks, bead  23
    Mamelodi Beadwork  7
    Garankuwa Beadwork  4
    Garankuwa Candle making   7
    Phokeng- Sewing  3
    Makau –Carpentry  2
    Total  51

  • Siyafundisa

    Employment Assistance (skills based)

    We assist people with skill that will help them be employable. These include computer literacy, interview skills, and other hand skills that can help individual to be self reliant.

    So far Employment Assistance has reached 101 people in the two centres it is taking place in. The 51 of these people are females and 50 are males- These are people exposed to interview training and given opportunities and other basic hand skills.25 are receiving computer training.

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