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Pearl Jansen and Cathedral Youth respond to our request



On 27 April, the St Albans, Cathedral Youth together with Tumelong Mission and St Albans social development undertook an outreach program at KIDS VICTORY MISSION.
We started the day with praise and worship,and a scripture reading from Psalm 23 which was lead by the youth’s worship officer, Ms Kea Mafatle, this was a wonderful and uplifting moment for both the residents and us, we felt the Holy spirit surrounding us.
We then Proceeded to identify the problems the shelter faced on a daily basis, the home is not in a pleasing state at the moment and it needs serious attention. Restoration is needed from the kitchen to the bathrooms.
The home is in need of warm blankets, clothing, curtains, pillows, mattress, and linen, not forgetting a first aid kit. We then divided our selves in groups, and cleaned the walls and the back yard. When we left there was a huge difference.
This was an eye opening event as most of us felt humbled by the glowing smiles of the children and the elders there.
We would like thank Pearl Jansen who donated her funiture TV, Wall unit, microwave, christmas trees, washing machine, mattress, blinds for windows, computer screens and clothes to Tumelong Mission. These goods were donated to the Center by Tumelong Mission the day before the visitation. Thank you Mama Shiela Matshali for preparing meals that we shared with the residents of the shelter





Tumelong Mission continues to touch life’s of the needy and unprevilaged.
Kids Victory Care Centre is an organisation that takes care of the old aged, the physical and mental challenge children from ages of  1- 18. The organisation is under the leadership of Rose Maake who has passion in making a difference for her community. She opened kids victory care centre on the year of 2009 which is based in Madidi Lekgale in northwest. Rose knew the hardwork she had to put in establishing her organisation to be a success, she had to convice the community and families of the old aged and disabled kids. Through her courage and determination, the community learned to trust her, the organisation cares for 13 oldaged and 5 disable kids.
The organisation has 13 dedicated young people who are willing to work without a stipend, but only a little to get them going.

Tumelong Mission was approched by Rose in a request of help, based on a desperate need of food. We went to the center to evaluate on how we can help and we were able to notice the desperate need of our assistance. After few days of our last visit, we came back with a number of 21 food parcels.

We would like to thank,  all the parishes who continuesly donate food parcels to tumelong mission, without you life’s can never be touched.