Tumelong Wall of Thanksgiving and Remembrance

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Tumelong Mission a 70 brick wall was built in the grounds of the head office building at St Saviours Church, Pretoria West. Each brick is available to purchase for R1000, and the name or any inscription you would like is written on the brick.
Originally a request was made to all the parishes in Pretoria to buy a brick as a remembrance and thanksgiving of the Tumelong Mission to help raise funds towards the work carried out in an effort to “creating a healthy and sustainable society, free from HIV/Aids”. The money for the bricks will benefit all of the Tumelong Mission projects.

Modise and wall

For anyone who has not yet purchased a brick it is not too late, parishes and individuals are all welcome to donate or buy a brick.
Please help support Tumelong so Tumelong can help the needy across the Diocsese.

For more information on how to buy a brick please contact Modise (pictured above by the wall) his email is: modise@tumelong.org.za or telephone (021) 327 5129.

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