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Letlhakeng Community engages in a Food Security Project- get involved

This project was brought to existence after over 80 identified children who are either orphaned or vulnerable, received food and school hampers from the Bishop’s Charities golf day in December 2011. From that moment, tumelong continued to look at more sustainable ways to provide food security,and now we are ready to roll out the project.

The Project  includes running a indigenous farming competition in the yards of participants. This competition will run for 2 crop yields and the winners will be assessed as per quality of their produce. The 1st prize will be a cash prize, and the 2nd to 5th prize ( together wit 1st prize winner) will be grouped together to form a cooperative that will farm at the tribal farmlands, that has already been awarded for this purpose. This land will be prepared during the competition.

 The winners will be provided with technical support ( implements, tools and borehole) to produce on a large scale and assisted with the marketing and sales of the produce.

 Project Milestones 

Meet the chief to present the concept for by in (done- 01/03/2011)

Call a tribal meeting to ascertain the buy in from community (15/ 04/2011)

Establish a procedure for entering the competition( done)

Coordinate the establishment of yard gardens and the monitoring thereof.

Coordinate the preparation of the Tribal Farms for the winners.

Develop M&E Tools for the project.(done)

Provide a Report on the projects.

Assess the impact made through the projects

Should you be interested in supporting the project, please contact us at 082 494 0961

Helping Letlhakeng to Help Themselves

St Francis Mamelodi West, Doing their part

The Tumelong Committee in the church of St. Francis Parish in Mamelodi West have food parcels to donate every Friday donated by Pick ‘n Pay. To the congregation of ST. Francis, the month of March has been a month of receiving.

 On the month of March on various dates, the committee distributed packs of tomatoes, cabbages, and beetroot to a large number of congregation members of the church. To help this feeding scheme, a vegetable garden was planted with the assistance of Reverend Father Ngcobo and Father Mdau on March 2nd 2011. The vegetables for the garden were fresh from the farm donated by Mr. Anton Louw from Farie Glen.

 The drop in centre in Mamelodi West caters for 40 needy children with the help of Tateni Home Care Nursing Services. The home has had the experience of getting a helping hand from Trinity Church based in Lynwood and food parcels were donated to he families of: Khoza from Mamelodi East, Masuku from Mamelodi West, Khaba, Msibi from Mamelodi East, Nkosi, Ringane, Makgathulela from Mamelodi West and Magashu’s family from Mamelodi East. Currently, the Tumelong Mission Services have 18 registered families.

 Compiled by: Helen Ngoasheng

Parish Coordinator: Tumelong

Friends of Tumelong: Parish Committe Guidelines

At the FOT meeting held on 09 April 2011, the following guidelines were agreed to as a tool for Parish Social Development Committees Terms of Reference Parish