A New Shed for Maboloka Haven

While the girls from St Mary’s DSG  believe that education is important in the lives of the young people to prepare them for the life ahead, they equally believe that the environment is also key to enabling one to achieve one’s objectives. The St Mary’s DSG entourage wanted to see this area addressed.

 Together with Ms Carna Kriel, the girls – who are now in Grade 7 – swam 8 miles across the Midmar Dam to raise funds. This enabled them to erect a shade for the Maboloka Haven. The children can now play and eat under the shade without worrying about the rain or the scorching sun.

 This is not all they did when they reconnected with their little friends this year. They also hosted a picnic and shared meals with them. Trees were planted for more shade. This time the girls were accompanied by the Head of Junior School Mrs Barbie Craig and the School Chaplain the Reverend Leonard Nyakale. It was a moving experience to see the two getting their hands dirty as they planted trees. The Director of Tumelong Keba Matlhako could not resist the temptation to participate.  They left the centre having changed the environment.

 Our girls are now moving on with the knowledge that they have fulfilled their promise of making a difference. In her comments Mrs Craig expressed her excitement to see the difference at the Haven. It had received a new coat of paint. Tyres dug in for kids to play, after the local youth group got involved as part of their community development practical training. Mrs Craig thanked the girls for sharing their time with the children and for contributing positively towards the improvement of their lives and their environment. She thanked the staff at the Haven for what they do for the children.

Ms Carna Kriel and the Girls who swam the midmar under the shed erected by the money they raised

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    There was a full article on our newsletter regarding this project. Should you wish to receive the full article plead email us at: admin@tumelong.org.za

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